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  • Brionna Bennett

A Storm is Coming

When I close my eyes, I feel a rumbling in my chest

A thumping that feels electric, shocking my veins.

When I close my eyes I feel a burning in my soul

A flame that won’t extinguish, nor do I want it to.

There is this warmth that smells like rain

And sunflowers, caressing my thoughts.

I close my eyes because I know a storm is coming

Because right now...I’m too calm.


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Brionna Bennett is an African American writer born and raised in rural Virginia with a love for magic, fairies, and nature. She is the organizer of DC Creative Writing Read & Critique and a DC Writer’s Salon member. When Brionna is not writing, she is a Middle school special educator helping students with similar disabilities she struggled with growing up. She loves all things Disney, superheroes, and music. 

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